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Every week we review the most recent publications in women’s mental health, covering topics related to premenstrual symptoms, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, use of medications in pregnant and breastfeeding women, perinatal substance use, and menopausal mental health.

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In recognition of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we reviewed recent articles focusing on eating disorders in perinatal women.  The bottom line is that very little research has been carried out in women with ED who are planning to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum.  The limited medical literature presented here does correlate with what we see clinically.   Women with anorexia nervosa and bulimia do seem to experience a reduction in patterns of disordered easting during pregnancy.  However, we do see recurrent ED symptoms during the postpartum period.

There are also two studies here that indicate that women with ED are more likely to have children with behavioral issues and higher levels of anxiety.  This is an area that clearly deserves further study.

Ruta Nonacs, MD PhD

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