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Erectile dysfunction can be disturbing for a man and his partner. The inability to get or maintain an erection could take the charm out of a relationship and create distance between the partners. Many men choose to accept it for what it is without knowing there is a proper erectile dysfunction treatment possible. Moreover, several tips and tactics exist to overcome dysfunction and lead a perfectly healthy sex life. Today we will look into the strategies coming straight from a sexologist.

Erectile Dysfunction – Why me?

Well, it is natural for you to wonder why it is happening to you. What did you do wrong? A man might doubt all his decisions retrospectively, assuming that he could do one or another thing differently. But you need to calm down and understand that first, it is a common sexual problem, and second, there could be a zillion reasons behind it, and most of them are out of your control. You would not be able to decipher it, and you need an erectile dysfunction specialist to your rescue.

The Most Common Reasons are:

Chronic Diseases – Diseases could be the primary reason for weaker erections. It includes diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, nervous disorders, and autoimmune disorders.

Medicines – Erection problems could happen due to side effects of various medications like antidepressants, antifungals, antiallergics, and medicines for blood pressure. 

Alcohol – Excessive consumption of alcohol might affect your neural reflexes and cause dysfunction.

Musculature – Weak pelvic musculature could be the reason for weaker erections.

Depression – Depression is a mental disorder that affects the way one feels about life and lacks interest in day-to-day activities. It is bound to affect sexual intimacy and may even cause erectile dysfunction; stress and anxiety can have the same effects.

Relationship Difficulties – Going through a rough patch in a relationship might alter how you feel about your partner. It can have physical symptoms in the form of weaker erections.

Therefore, the erection issue could be due to any reason on the spectrum. Anything that would affect your physical or mental health can exhibit sexual dysfunction symptoms. It is highly advised to search for an erectile dysfunction doctor near me on the internet and go to one. A sexologist can use a different perspective and accurately diagnose your condition.

Erectile dysfunction is related to aging, however, it is not only seen in older men. A lot of younger men are coming out with erection problems. The reasons could be a high level of stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Another major reason that is being observed is excessive consumption of pornographic content. It rewires the brain and how sexual stimulation is perceived and makes an indelible impression on young minds. It affects how men are aroused, and persistent viewing of such content raises their expectations to another level. 

Their partners are no longer sufficient to arouse them, and they can only get in the mood with visual stimulation. It changes the dynamics of a relationship, and your partner feels cheated. ED comes under emotional infidelity, and your partner would step away. It is possible that your partner gets distressed and starts blaming themselves for the sudden change. Anyways it is toxic for a relationship and will not sustain the damage. A specific term is quoted for such cases and is known as Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED). It is crucial to realize there is still a way out, and you can seek erectile dysfunction treatment anytime.

Sexologist’s Tips and Strategies

A sexologist uses a holistic approach and tries to work from all angles. Treatment options available can help treat the condition, including pills, injections, pumps, shockwave therapy, and penile implants. It is a medical aspect, but there are other things you should learn to lead a healthy sex life. These include:

Honesty – You might have read ‘honesty is the best policy’ over and over in your school syllabus, but now is the time to execute it. Honesty never goes in vain, and there is no point in hiding the situation from your partner. The change begins when you confront your partner and honestly express yourself. 

Change the Approach – Do not stick to the conventional style and tweak your style. Most men will start with kissing or hugging for minutes or seconds and go on to penetrative sex. Instead, work on enjoying the before and after. Stop treating it as a chore you have to accomplish.

Communication – Talking to each other holds more value than you know. It might not always be the deeper conversations, but it is about talking to each other in general. Conveying how you feel and how your day was, holds more impact than you can fathom. Try to be open about your feelings and be with someone with whom you can be yourself without any judgment. The casual approach is, the better it is for your relationship in the longer run. Have the patience to listen to their feelings, and make sure you do that often.

Experiment – It is natural to hit monotony in long-standing relationships. Experimenting with new ways, positions, or toys keeps the adrenaline high and helps in building a stronger relationship. The ideal relationship should cater to your sexual needs, and to do that you will have to initiate an open conversation with your partner. Talk about the experiments you would like to consider and ask them about theirs. It will help you both come on the same page, and together you can introduce spice to your sex life.

Take it Slow – It is common for men to rush to intercourse fearing they will not be able to hold an erection for a longer period, and it is not true and will only spike your anxiety. Instead, taking it slower will ensure adequate stimulation, which will further lead to a better sexual experience. 

Therapy – Your erectile dysfunction specialist can recommend therapy if your sexual issue has a psychological reason. A therapist will teach you ways to cope with stress and anxiety that could be affecting your sex life. They can also assist you in resolving any conflicts you have with your partner. You can also opt for sex therapy if only sexual dysfunction is your prime issue. A sex therapist works solely for sexual issues and will equip you with the right knowledge and tactics to get your sex life back on track.

Alternative Technique – You can try and talk to your partner and decide on a special date night. You can indulge in a nice dinner and have an after-party. Here, you decide to enjoy your favorite music and set a warm ambiance. You choose to take sex off the table, which will relieve the man from the pressure of performing. Now, you only indulge in the deepest conversations, enjoy food, dance, and explore each other’s bodies. It will strengthen your bond and bring you both closer, which will help the dysfunction in future attempts. 

Get Help – Talk to your partner and inform them how you feel and how you will work on the issue. Ask them for their support and consult a sexologist to avail erectile dysfunction treatment. Medical treatment will expedite the recovery and set you on the right path.

Work on The Excitement – You do not need penetrative sex to orgasm. Make use of your hands, mouth, and fingers, and you can opt to masturbate mutually. It will increase the excitement and will give you the satisfaction of an orgasm. With practice, it can increase your confidence and you might want to go on to the next step of vaginal sex.

Natural Supplements – There are plenty of food items with natural aphrodisiac properties. These are not exactly a part of erectile dysfunction treatment, but they surely can help you get there. Popular food items include watermelon, strawberries, dark chocolate, coffee, spinach, garlic, and nuts.

Physical Health – Physical well-being is a prerequisite to leading a healthy sex life. You should take care of underlying health conditions that may pave the way for a better sexual relationship. Improve your diet and get into a strict exercise regimen to get fit. Quit smoking and put a limit on alcohol consumption. 

Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction can hamper your life and might make you feel miserable. It has the potential to possibly affect each aspect of your life and make you helpless. However, erectile dysfunction treatment is achievable with the right knowledge and expert advice. Along with medical attention, working on your relationship and tweaking your lifestyle have multiple benefits. Get personalized treatment plans with the best sexologist at Dr.Arora Men’s Wellness Clinic. 

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