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Since I signed up for the I Care Classic century this May I need to work on extending my long rides. So I went on a four-hour cruise on my recumbent. I went out and back on the Coyote creek trail, but since it is still flooded north of Bailey ave. I detoured around on Malech road, which also allowed me to get in some climbing practice. I intended to go all the way to Hellyer park and back, but found out the trail is also flooded between Blossom Hill road and the park. So I added some local riding after the trail to get to four hours. This was at a pleasant pace and I felt great afterward. But it was a bit slow. I have to get my cruising speed up over the next few weeks or the century ride will take a long time.

View from the top of Malech Road, Santa Cruz Mountains in the distance with Loma Prieta to the left
The Flood on the way to Hellyer park

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