Dementia Diagnoses Under 65 Have Increased 200% — Here’s Why #Health #MondayMotivation #tbt #traveltuesday #vegan #fitness

The biggest cause of early-onset dementia is genetics. According to a 2020 review from The Lancet, excessive alcohol usage and traumatic brain injury1 (TBI) are two major risk factors for early-onset dementia as well. 

Though you can’t change your genetics, there are a number of things you can do to prevent your risk of developing dementia (both early-onset and late-onset). Monitoring your alcohol intake and protecting your brain from TBI (i.e., by wearing a helmet during contact sports and a seatbelt in the car) or a good place to start. 

Eating brain-healthy foods, getting adequate restful sleep, and supporting optimal cognitive function via high-quality supplementation (e.g., taking a daily supplement with citicoline, a neuronutrient that has been clinically shown to improve cognitive impairment) can further bolster your brain longevity.

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